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Speaking to Press TV on the condition of anonymity on Wednesday, the senior official said “Iran will not accept a division of the Trump-era sanctions into JCPOA-related ones and those unrelated to the JCPOA.”

“From Iran’s viewpoint, all American sanctions — including the Obama-era sanctions, the sanctions restored by Trump and the additional sanctions in the Trump-era labeled as non-nuclear — must be terminated,” the official added.

“Iran does not accept and recognize negotiations based on a division of the sanctions,” the official emphasized. “Iran’s condition for returning to its JCPOA commitments is the lasting removal of all the entire sanctions.”

The official said America and Europe must guarantee that the sanctions will not be restored on Iran again after their removal.

The official further emphasized that Iran will need enough time to verify the termination of the sanctions, and that it cannot be done within “a short time.”