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The Iranian Energy Ministry’s Institute of Water Research also on a Monday statement said that provinces of Ardabil, East Azarbaijan, West Azarbaijan, Kurdistan and Zanjan could get up to 150 millimeters of rain on Tuesday and Wednesday.

It said the temporary strong instantaneous wind speed could go over 110 km/h in some areas and a record rainfall could cause rivers to burst their banks and lead to flash floods in those regions.

The Institute said it had issued the warning after carefully monitoring forecasts by Iran Meteorological Organization and international and regional weather forecast models.

The warning comes exactly two years after massive floods swept through areas in northeast, north and southwestern Iran, displacing tens of thousands of people.

Those floods caused over $2.5 billion in damage to homes, infrastructure facilities and farming lands while leaving nearly 80 people dead.

Iran has seen record rainfalls in recent years after nearly three decades of drought that had affected farming and businesses in many regions across the country.

The floods in 2019 caused the government to introduce sweeping measures to mitigate the devastating impacts of the floods, including a comprehensive plan to build dams on major rivers in south and north of the country.