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The National Iranian Tanker Company said in a statement on Saturday that MT Horse and its crew were released on Friday after 125 days as efforts by senior Iranian officials and the country’s Foreign Ministry paid off.

“Despite many undergoing hardships and being away from family, the professional and committed personnel of MT Horse persevered in defense of national interests and (are) maintaining the flow of oil and its derivatives’ exports,” the state-run company said.

The vessel has now resumed its mission in the region and will return to Iranian waters upon finishing it, it added, Al Jazeera reported.

Indonesia’s coast guard seized the Iranian-flagged MT Horse and the Panamanian-flagged MT Freya vessels over suspected illegal oil transfer in the country’s waters on January 24.

Indonesia’s coast guard spokesman claimed the two tankers concealed their identity by not showing their national flags, turning off automatic identification systems and did not respond to a radio call.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry at the time downplayed the seizure, saying it was over a “technical issue” and such incidents are not uncommon in shipping.