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The three candidates who get vaccinated during the ceremony were Minoo Mohraz, a member of the national Task Force for the fight against the coronavirus disease, MP Hoseinali Shahriari, from southern province of Sistan-Baluchestan, and Mohammad-Ali Amir Zargar, a retired professor of Hamadan University of Medical Sciences.

The third phase of the human trial of the Iranian vaccine will be carried out on 20,000 people from six cities – Tehran, Bushehr, Shiraz, Karaj, Mashad and Isfahan.

The Executive Office of Imam’s Directive which is in charge of the vaccination said last night that more than 32,000 people have registered for the vaccination in this phase of human trial so far.

The candidates need to be between 18 and 75 years old.

It is expected that carrying out this phase of human trial will take until Mid-June.