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Iran’s 13th presidential election will be held across the country on Friday, June 18, 2014.

The statement said that based on the decisions of the executive board of the presidential elections in the United Kingdom and in coordination with the overseas election headquarters based in the foreign ministry, 11 polling stations will be established in the United Kingdom, of which 5 voting stations will be in London and other six polling stations will be located in Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Cardiff and Newcastle.

Needless to say, if necessary and at the discretion of the executive board of the election, it will be possible to extend the voting time for some polling stations.

According to the law and the issued instructions, it would be a requirement for compatriots to have a birth certificate, national card or a valid passport with them to participate in the election.
It is obvious that any change in the polling stations will be informed to our dear compatriots through the embassy website.