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According to the Leader’s official website (KHAMENEI.IR), on the occasion of National Teachers’ Day and International Workers’ Day, Imam Khamenei spoke live with the Iranian people today, May 2, 2021.

Due to the Corona pandemic, this speech was broadcast live from IRIB television channels. The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei, introduced the IRGC Quds Force in his speech as being the biggest, effective factor in preventing passive diplomacy in West Asia.

He stated, “The Quds Force has been able to put into action the independent policy of the Islamic Republic in the region, which is based on honor.”

The following is an excerpt of the statements His Eminence made in this speech:

“For years the Americans have been extremely dissatisfied by Iran’s spiritual influence in the region. They were angry at the Quds Force and Martyr Soleimani for this reason. For the same reason, they martyred Soleimani. We mustn’t make remarks that evoke the enemy’s words.”

“Some statements have been heard from certain officials of the country these days that astound and sadden one. Some of what has been said is a reiteration of the hostile remarks of our enemies. They’re a reiteration of the US’s remarks.”

“To be just, Quds Force is the greatest effective factor in preventing a passive diplomacy in West Asia and it has put into action the independent and dignity-driven politics of the Islamic Republic in this region.

He also added, “The West insists that the foreign policy of the country should be inclined toward them and under their flag, and also be obedient to them because it used to be like this for many years. Both during the late Qajar Era and during the long rule of the regimes of the Pahlavis, Iran was under the control of the West’s policy. The Islamic Revolution liberated Iran from western domination. During all these 40 years, the West – both the Americans and the Europeans – have been trying to restore their former domination over our country. That is why you see them becoming upset and angry when the Islamic Republic establishes political and economic ties with China, Russia and its other neighbors.”

Imam Khamenei went on to say, “They put pressure on our weak neighbors in order to prevent these ties. These are some examples that we have witnessed. I know of many instances when high-ranking officials from Arab and other neighboring countries wanted to travel to Iran, but the Americans prevented them from doing so.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated that the West is opposed to every diplomatic move on the part of Iran. But the Islamic Republic cannot act passively in the face of this demand. He added, “We should act in an independent, dignified, diligent, powerful way, and this is what the Quds Force has done in the region.”

His Eminence stressed that in no part of the world is foreign policy determined by its Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He emphasized, “Throughout the world, foreign policy is determined by governmental bodies at a higher level than the Foreign Ministry. In our country, this is done by the Supreme National Security Council. In these high-level bodies, the high-ranking officials of the country are present and they determine the country’s foreign policy. Of course, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs participates in decision-making in the area of foreign policy. But it is not such that decision-making is dependent on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. No, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs implements those decisions.”