Nematullah Kashani Nasab, emphasizing that the price of cars has not been announced in the open market yet, said: “For more than a month, no transactions have been made in the car market and sales are zero.” As the reception halls have no customers and they faced a recession, and this recession has reached the exhibitors as well.

“The sellers refuse to sell the car, because some of them bought the car at a high price, and if they sell the car at this time, it will be a loss,” said the vice-president of the Automobile Exhibitors Union. On the other hand, buyers are prevented from buying cars due to falling prices in the market, and this procedure has reduced transactions in the market.

Kashani Nasab, emphasizing that prices may decrease until they stabilize, said: “We are waiting for stability in the car market, and if the market stabilizes, sales will flourish and prices can be announced.” Now only the price of the car is announced in cyberspace.

He said that despite the fact that there are 180,000 defective cars in the carmakers’ parking lot and dealers who were the most important factor in increasing prices, they have left the car market. Therefore, the price of cheap domestic cars is due to two reasons: Will decrease from the market.

Regarding the sale and purchase of newly produced cars by car manufacturers, the Vice President of the Automobile Exhibitors Union said: “Some of the prices announced in the open market are fake, especially for newly produced cars, for example for Iran Khodro’s 207 glass roof. No sales have been made.